Biyernes, Agosto 4, 2017

Create Philippines Launch


Creative Philippines

CITEMs Partners with NDAA , Globaltronics, Brand Guerrilla PH, & Synergy 88 In Setti ng Up Students, young Prook as future Digital Creatives

With the digital age now at its peak, creatives found a new and more accessible way to show their artistic ideas. Design , digital games and animation & motion graphics were almost non existent decades ago, but these groups are thriving now and are providing stopping stones to young digital creatives looking to hone their craft or just share their work to a bigger audience.

This event giwes more unified voice to the industry through the collective participation of various agencies, members of public and private sectors, and other key stakeholders.

 The creative industry revolves around the production, promotion, distribution, and/or commercialization of good services and activities taht are culture, artistic and/or heritage-related in nature . These include sectors such as advertising, digital art/graphic design, animation, game development, film nd performing arts to catalyze the country's presence in the global creative economy.


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